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Our Rescued Basset Hounds

To save them from possible euthanasia at a shelter, we give basset hounds love and then share that unconditional love with those who really need visitors.
As of February 2003, five basset hounds lived here.  Soon after joining our family, the young ones took over visiting area nursing homes.  We let the older ones retire... for a while anyway.
Chandler and Molly are both now certified through Therapy Dogs Incorporated of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Our youngest babies ---
Chandler and Molly

November 21, 2003 was the day Chester came
south from Ocala to join our basset family.

Our Sweetheart from Ocala

Chucky (below) is closest to the breed standard of any hound who has ever lived with us.  See that big head and those huge wrinkled feet?


Then...  At the end of October, yet another big boy found his way to our house...  Matthew (red and white) took his place along side Chucky.  Together, these 2 became our Big Foot Boys...


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Blue Border denotes ATB

Lucy Beth at work
With "Uncle" Warren Bourissa

                     Site History

July 23, 2002 - started visiting Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities with our three pairs of basset hounds - Chip & Charlie, Josh and Lucy, Knee-Hi and Lilly

October 27, 2002 - started building this site and added a few photos
January 23, 2003 - Charlie went to the bridge
February 15, 2003 Lilly moved out
February 24, 2003 - found Chandler & Molly
September 10, 2003 - Updated site with new pictures of younger bassets.
October 4, 2003 - started the process of joining the Daily Drool Web Ring
November 21, 2003 - Adopted Chester from northern Florida
April 7, 2004 - Lucy Beth went to the bridge
July 28, 2004 - Rescued Chucky from Augusta, Georgia Animal Control where he was scheduled for immediate euthansia
November 2, 2004 - Matthew came to be part of our family.  He was rescued from Polk County Animal services by someone else who could no longer care for him... 
November 7, 2004 - Josh went to the bridge

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Charlie's portrait

Lucy Beth

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