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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
Our Two Young Bassets Working in 2003

At some favorite facilities, a camera was handy...

Molly meets no strangers... Only people
who have not had a chance to pet her belly.

Chandler was grounded by the county for a while, and Molly was happy to visit everybody by herself for a few days.

Molly llikes to be in the center of things

Her belly must always be seen ...
Just in case someone decides to pet it

Hampton Court is one of her favorite places to be the center of attention, especially the week Chandler was "grounded".  She was the only one and got  ALL the attention...

Chandler and Molly
Visiting in Ralph's bed

The red bucket with treats, paper towels and plastic bags always goes with them.  There always is the possibility of an accident...

While Molly is the bundle of fun, Chandler is a more laid back southern gentleman.  They have different ways of making friends, but both are effective.

Their only relation to each other is that they came out of the same cage at Polk County Animal Services and must have been together when found.

IHS (Integrated Health Services) has since become Auburndale Oaks Health Care Center.

Our youngest visiting angels

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