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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
Our Six Hounds At Work in 2002

While the boys like Winter Haven and Auburndale, the ladies prefer Haines City and Davenport to have their pictures made...

All of our boys really liked Ralph at Integrated Health Services of Auburndale, Florida and had their pictures taken with him.

Chip with Ralph
Helping is the Director of Nursing - Rebecca Bachmann

Charlie with Ralph

Josh with Ralph

Chip standing at Life Care Center
of Winter Haven, Charlie barking

The little old ladies both fell in love with Emigdia in Haines City Health Care Center and wanted to stay with her rather than coming with us.

Knee-hi with Emigdia

Lilly with Emigdia

Knee-hi - Hampton Court - Haines City
She likes an audience

Lucy with "Uncle" Warren Bourassa
Bishop Gray Inn - Davenport Florida

These were our First "Therapy Dogs". 
Now, they have all retired and let the youngsters take over the visiting duties. 
Cleo's new Mom takes Lady Bug visiting now also.

Our six hounds "worked" in pairs of 2 at least
2 days almost every week in 2002.

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