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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
Pet Links and Web Rings

There are a few links to some of my favorite basset hound sites below, but I would ask you to please click the link below to feed an animal in need first.

                                                    Thank you.

My newest web site can be found at: 
This next link is all about basset hounds:

Anything you want to know about basset hounds can be found here:

The main basset hound rescue organization in Florida is Suncoast:

Also there is Florida Basset Hound Rescue which can be found at:

This address is the web site of my best friend in western New York:

Clicking here will take you to a wonderful site with all kinds of basset hound information...

This was one of my first tries at getting my hounds on the web... getting pictures of our hounds on the web.

If you can spare a minute, please sign my guestbook immediately below

Please show and tell where you are located by clicking the link below

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