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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
From the Beginning - Former "Kids" - first eight

Beginning of Basset Hounds in our Family

Our first basset hound - Suzie
Given to us in 1976 as a pup

Suzie started as a pup with 2 dachshunds in Ohio, but soon grew larger than either of them...  She quickly became the favorite of that pack and showed us all the love that a basset hound can give.  (She was the reason we turned to basset hounds for our next group of dogs.)
She was our first rescue, being dumped on us by a coworker of Dad's.
When we came to Florida with 3 dachshunds and a basset hound, we didn't know about heartworms and lost all the dogs to that preventable disease. 
Suzie lasted longer than any of the others, but we felt so badly about letting them all die, we thought we didn't want any more dogs...

Josh was to be Zack's playmate

Being from the pound, Josh was not well when he arrived.  Before he could be treated for heartworms, Josh had to be treated for and recover from pneumonia.  I had to sign a paper saying that he would be treated for heartworms within 2 weeks.  It was 2 months before it happened.  I was afraid they would take me to jail...

Another one dumped on us...
Little Bitty Maggie

Chip was skin and bones when he came our way.  We had to put some weight on him to make him healthy enough for the heartworm treatments to begin. 

Another phone call from the pound...
Chip was the next one to join the family

Together, these made the first eight basset hounds to live with us, usually between three and five at a time.

Maggie(in front) and Rosie
Mother and Daughter

These two small basset hounds were given to me by our former vet.  After Suzie died, we were dogless for a while... until this vet offered my his own personal dogs.  Maggie was 7 yrs old and Rosie was 5.

Zack our first boy
2 years old

Zack was given to us by the partner of the vet who gave us Maggie and Rosie.  He was moving into a condo and didn't have room for Zack.
Being a 2 yr old male puppy with 2 older ladies, Zack needed a playmate...  That brought on our first visit to the pound - Animal Services of Polk County.

Zack and Josh

Before Josh got well, another basset joined our family.  Good friends moving to a new house took the dog away from their son to give to us.  
Since she was also a Maggie, she became Little Bittty Maggie since we already had Momma Maggie.
Together, this made our first group of five basset hounds.

After a couple of years, Zack and Little Bitty Maggie both found new homes...  That is when the dog pound started calling...

Lucy Beth - our Sweetie Pie

Animal Services had my phone number after we got Josh, so the day before euthanasia was scheduled for a red and white female, they called me. 
Lucy had a huge liquid filled tumor on one of her ear flaps which made her hold her head at an angle and she smelled awful.  It was hard to tell then what a beautiful and gentle dog she would turn out to be... 

The first 8...

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