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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
Chandler and Molly - our registered therapy dogs


Our newest "ambassetors" of good will... They brought a lot of extra energy to our 7, 8 and 9 year old basset family.  We have 3 old puppies now... who get along great with their new younger brother and sister.  (Chester, who joined the family November of 2003 loves everybody.) 

Although Chandler looks and acts a lot like a miniature version of Charlie with many of the same mannerisms, he is far quieter.

Chandler - our miniature Charlie
Barely two years old


Chandler was supposedto have had cancer when he left the shelter, but antibiotics cured his bruise...  That was a real blessing for us to have him heathy without having to go through years of treatment for a disease so life threatening.

Molly was an immediate sensation here... making friends with the older
dogs the first thing.

Our little sweetheart Molly

Our only lace-eared basset ever

She was also the healthy one and able to come home with us as soon as she was spayed.

The real puppies of our present family of six

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From the Beginning - Former "Kids" - first eight