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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
Next eight "kids"

Buffy - our angel
Only here 3 weeks...

Buffy came to us after her former family had lost all hope.  At 12 years old, she had been left at the animal clinic to die...  The two vets, wanting the most happiness for her last few days on earth, gave her to me without mentioning her terminal illness.  For the three weeks that she lived, Buffy brought much affection and tenderness to our basset family.

Our BIG boy
Also the LOUD one

Charlie brought new life to our crew when he stopped here on his way to the pound.  Our youngest at six years old, he revitalized our herd of old bassets.  What a shame he couldn't have stayed with us longer...

Lilly was friendly while she was sick
After getting better, things changed

Lilly has decided that she likes Knee-hi and is quite happy visiting older people with Knee-hi.  The two of them have become buddies after all.
Chip and Charlie work together to pester Lilly, but she can scare them away with a good growl...

Lady Bug with
her new mother - Julie

Molly when she first came to us
Notice the ear?

That is what is referred to as a "lace" ear in basset hound circles.  It is also somewhat unusual.

(formerly Wally)

Knee-hi on first day here

Cleo relaxes
on bottom step

Cleo came to us with quite a history of living in various places.  When we were forced to find another home for her, we later discovered that she had found a new temporary home for herself.  After coming back here for a while, Lilly and Cleo could not get along.  We finally found the best possible home for her... with a very loving and devoted family who can be seen in the pictures below.


On the left is her new Mom - below is her new Daddy.

Lady Bug kissing
her new daddy - James

Chandler soon after joining our crew

Chester was found in the Marion County (northern Florida) Shelter on death
row by a nice lady who didn't want him to be put down.  At seven, he was too old to be adopted from animal services. No one wanted him for a pet... 

These are/were the most recent eight to join and /or
leave our basset family

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