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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
To Find a Great Dog... Visit the Pound
Two of my rescues
Josh - Polk Co., Knee-Hi Hillsborough Co.

This is where you can find out what a joy it is to rescue a dog whose future was only planned to last a short time longer.  He will owe you his life and will not forget that fact.  It will require a commitment on your part to take care of the canine for the rest of its short (12 - 15 year) life, but the return on this investment is a longer life for you.

Usually, local animal shelters are overflowing with adoptable animals.  After you have made the decision to adopt, go look for your perfect companion.  A dog will fall in love with you as well as become and remain your friend for life. 

By giving him or her a new home away from the constant noise of the shelter, it won't take long for the dog to realize how much better his chances of living a longer life have become.

By showing your new rescue the love you feel for him or her, he or she will feel much better about his or her new life with you and will be eager to please you.  Not only will you feel good that you have helped save a life, your rescued pet will not let you forget that he owes his life to you.

Sharing the love of our rescued basset hounds with others is the ultimate gift we feel we can give.  Visiting Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities is our way of sharing all the basset love at our house.  It is hard to know for sure just who enjoys our visits the most... the dogs, the residents, the activities directors or the two of us.  By taking all six of them (2 at a time), it takes six weeks for each basset to visit each place and the residents get to see new dogs every two weeks.

The pound has dogs cheaper, but they are not always healthy.  Here in Florida, it is usually heartworms that need to be treated before the dog can be expected to live out the rest of his days.