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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
The Little Old Ladies - Lilly and Knee-Hi

Lilly visiting with Emigdia Hernandez in bed
This was in the Haines City Health Care Center.

Knee-Hi gets her turn with same lady
Within 2 weeks of this picture, the lady was gone from that nursing home.

Lilly had to be cured of pneumonia first.
In the hospital at Maxwell Animal Clinic - 5 days.

At ten years old, Lilly is not only our newest rescue, but also the oldest.  She came from the Miami-Dade shelter the first week of June in 2002.  It took until the end of July to get her well.  That is when she began to fight with Cleo who found a new home and changed her name.  Lady Bug as Cleo is known now is the only dog in her new family and loving being an only dog.

Back at home, Lilly meant to be our dominant dog
This is before she lost weight.

Our lemon and white basset hound
Knee-Hi is only 9 years old and is from the Hillsborough dog pound.

Knee-Hi after losing some weight
Knee-Hi was healthy after coming through Suncoast Basset Hound Rescue.

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