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Our Rescued Basset Hounds
Josh and Lucy Beth - the small gentle ones

These are our two dogs who have lived here the longest.  Josh is 8 and Lucy Beth is 7...  Both estimated to be about 2 years old when they came from Polk County Animal Services, they started here as pups and grew up together. 

Josh - our tan and white bundle of joy
Josh has appointed himself as our official watchdog.

When Josh came from the pound, it took 2 months of treatment to get him cured of pneumonia before he could start the heartworm treatments.  I had to sign a paper that said I would get him treated for heartworms within a month and I was sure they were going to take me to jail before he got well... 
Josh is the most alert and attentive of all our dogs.  He stands guard while the others sleep. 

Our little sweetie pie - Lucy Beth
Lucy is the smallest of our pack.

When Lucy first came to us, she had a huge liquid filled tumor on one of her ear flaps.  She couldn't hold her head straight because of the tumor.  It was removed before her heartworm treatments started.
Lucy Beth has the most gentle disposition of our pack.  She can get along with almost any other dog and will be still to let anyone pet her.  That is a good quality in a therapy dog...
She is also small enough to be picked up and held... also a good asset.  That has happened many times.

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